Clients tell us we are easy to speak with and make them feel at ease. Our team takes what we do seriously, putting forth all our resources and energy to help our clients reach their goals.

Wendy Wetherall, CFRE, CeM, CSMA - started The Wetherall Company in 1985. Ms. Wetherall oversees all phases of client care and campaign management and is our expert on pro bono and purchased advertising, communications, data analysis for media placements, and reporting. 
At Dowling College Wendy received her BBA with an emphasis on marketing and accounting, she is a certified eMarketer and Social Marketing Associate. The Certified Fund Raising Executive designation was awarded to Wendy Wetherall in June of 2014.
Ms. Wetherall possesses a unique combination of fundraising expertise;  marketing and business skills with a commitment to nonprofit organizations and their causes.
Wendy lives on Long Island in New York with her five children.  


Tom Wahl Voiceovers
Tom Wahl
Television, Film and Radio Voice Talent

Our Team:

Valerie Virgona - has been at TWCPSA since 2009. Ms. Virgona is our writer, editor, and communications consultant.
Valerie graduated from Binghamton University and majored in environmental studies and public policy.
Ms. Virgona is also a director at Citizens Campaign for the Environment (CCE) working to build widespread citizen understanding and advocacy for policies and actions designed to manage and protect natural resources and public health.
Valerie lives on Long Island in New York with Sean and Lily.  
Hunter Simms - has been at TWCPSA since 2014. Hunter is our "hyper-local" campaign expert and manages our social media, telecommunications, and marketing strategies.
Ms. Simms graduated from SUNY Geneseo in May 2018 and will be going to Law School in the fall of 2019.  Her goal is to help mistreated women and children.
Hunter lives on Long Island in New York.
Stacy Riley - has been at TWCPSA since 1998. Stacy manages our database and is our in-house fitness and nutrition trainer/consultant.
Ms. Riley received her masters at Adelphi in 1995.
Stacy lives on Long Island in New York with her husband and two children.


Vestibular Disorders Association
We believe in giving at TWCPSA! Our Pro Bono Client this spring is VEDA: Life ReBalanced

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