Planning, research, radio production*, distribution, and analytics of PSA/Event campaigns for nonprofit organizations in the U.S. & Canada to generate awareness and raise funds. Our specialized ©PMCS approach gets nonprofits free placements  for a fixed minimal fee, with CPM's averaging less than 48 cents!

*Video production referrals


We will help your creative team produce the spots with a "donor centered" focus for optimal attention, recall, branding, and awareness of your organization, mission, and campaign message.
Your campaigns with TWCPSA target your prospective donors.

Our experts will also give you suggestions for your  website for optimal campaign effectiveness.

Reporting and Analysis

PSA/Event Campaigns

Clients get weekly updates and monthly interactive dashboards about the progress of their campaign that include gauges that compare results with agreed upon benchmarks. Our campaigns get millions of impressions monthly.

If you have the budget for paid placements your PSA campaign data helps us target the areas where it would be most effective.

 Make your direct mail more efficient and cost effective, raise awareness, and acquire new donors

            with an affordable PSA/Event Campaign  WATCH  and learn more about TWCPSA